LEARN HOW CPGS & RETAILERS CAN Reclaim revenue through root-cause resolution

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Out-of-stocks have been a persistent and expensive problem for retailers for over a thousand years. In the U.S. retail food industry alone, stockouts are estimated to cost $15B–$20B per year in lost sales. But this nagging problem is not only the retailers’ problem.

CPG companies also feel the pain of OOS but feel it in different ways. These differences complicate and strain the manufacturer-retailer alliance to effectively reduce OOS and ensure sustainable sales, profitability, and consumer satisfaction. But it doesn’t have to be that way,

In this paper, we’ll cover:

  • The reasons consumer brands should care about out-of-stocks.
  • Why out-of-stocks are still a problem in the industry.
  • How big of a problem out-of-stocks are for CPGs.
  • The negative effects and financial impact of out-of-stocks.
  • Where and where not to look for potential out-of-stocks.

Download the white paper to understand how CPG companies can use advanced technology and more timely, accurate retail supply and demand data to better identify the root causes of out-of-stocks and predict and prevent them to reclaim revenue and gain a competitive edge.